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Support 7,000 Swedish-Providence nurses
Contracts funded, OT pay for 5M, SCOTUS to revisit ‘fair share’…
Budget deals, McNerney’s big pension, ACA blinders…
Rally Tuesday to lift Tacoma minimum wage
Marriage equality, boomtown, shutdown, trading votes…
Senate GOP tea partiers holding state hostage
WSLC’s Johnson: GOP extremists ‘tone deaf’ to state’s needs
Crosby, Guenther named to lead 45,000-member UFCW Local 21
SCOTUScare, cueing up TPP, shutdown looms, SocSec worries…
Shutdown Rally on July 1 CANCELLED

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Weekly Update
Grand Hyatt Workers’ Rally --Workers at the Grand Hyatt and the Hyatt at Olive 8 called for a boycott in August 2013, and it continues to gain momentum in the community. So far, seven events have pulled out of the Seattle Hyatts as a show of support for workers, the most recent being Lake Washington Girls Middle School. The city-wide convention of the Specialty Coffee Association of America has altered plans in order to support the boycott. In addition, over 20 State Representatives and Senators and over 30 non-profits and community groups have endorsed the boycott. Join us for a rally at the Grand Hyatt Seattle, 721 Pine Street, July 8th at 4:30 p.m.
Download: NAACP march & rally.pdf , Pride 2015.pdf , Stop the Shutdown rally.pdf , Marriage equality.pdf

Seattle's Minimum Wage Campaign

UWTV's Inside Outlook recently took a look at the minimum wage issue. Panelists included David Freiboth, Charles Mudede, Marieka Klawitter, Paul Guppy, and Howard Wright.

June 30, 2015
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