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Hello and welcome to our website MLK County Labor Council! We are a brand-new project, online since May 2019, founded and supervised by the human resources expert Hugo Fitzgerald.

What is our site all about? Two words: employment screening. But what exactly is employment screening? Well, you will go in-depth into the subject once you start browsing our platform, but here is a quick first look.

An employment screening is the process through which an employer verifies the data provided by a candidate to a job position and collects additional relevant information about them. Long story short, it is an overview of the recorded history of each applicant.

An employment screening helps narrow the pool of job seekers to a group of people who are more likely to be a perfect fit with the company.

The background checking of a potential employee is able to show whether or not they are truly qualified for the position, and if their influence would in any way cause harm to the business, the company and the colleagues.

The most important screenings are: criminal history, compensation claims, sex offender registry, motor vehicles record and education verification.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you need to be aware of which types of checks are more important to a specific industry, business, company and job position.

Our website will help anyone in the job market get the best insights on the current trends that drive the process of employment screening.