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Employment Screening

What is an employment screening process and why it is needed? When employers are recruiting new talent, it is important to undergo a process of researching and compiling of the potential employees’ records.

To put it simply, an employment screening is an overview of the history of the applicant. The process helps narrow the pool of candidates to perform the job and boil down the ultimate choice to only the adequate applicants.

In fact, there are many job seekers who lie on their resumes. Let’s look at the numbers. Previous studies on employment screening processes show that almost 50% of candidates include some form of inaccurate information on their CV.

More than 30% have some kind of violation on their record. And about 10% of the employment checks unveil information that can be damaging.

By now, you can see why employment screenings are a powerful and essential tool for employers to get a clear and honest picture of a potential collaborator.

The checking of a candidate’s past history is able to show whether or not they are truly qualified for the position, and if their influence would in any way cause harm to the business, the company and the colleagues.

There is not a standard, one-size-fits-all process to perform an efficient employment screening. The necessary information, searches and databases depend on the specific sector, the size of the company and the position about to be filled, among other factors. The way the screening is processed can be customized to cater to all those aspects.

However, these are the most important checks for any screening process: criminal history, compensation claims, sex offender registry, motor vehicles record and education verification.

To run an employment screening, the employer entity needs the full name, the birthdate and the social security number of the candidate. Employers should never forget that they must inform the applicant, by providing them with a disclosure statement, that an employment screening is about to start.