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Resolutions adopted by MLKCLC
Updated On: Feb 21, 2017

Resolutions adopted by MLKCLC in 2016

(See list at page bottom for past years)

Resolution Defending the Rights of Immigrant Workers Targeted by the Trump Administration

January 18, 2017

Whereas immigrant workers have always contributed tremendously to the economic, cultural, and political strength of our country, and are intertwined and indispensable to the industries – agricultural, service, academic, professional, science, manufacturing, medical, construction, technical and more – in which we contribute our labor and are organizing into unions; and

Whereas all workers are adversely affected when any worker is exploited; and

Whereas in recent years, the immigrant rights movement has made important strides in strengthening rights and protections, such as pushing President Obama to pass the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allows young people who were brought to the United States before the age of 16 to stay in the country and work; and

Whereas in the most recent presidential election, Donald Trump and his backers promoted racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia, and anti-Semitism, and divided working people by playing to their fears and legitimate frustrations; and

Whereas among other statements Trump has threatened to deport millions of undocumented workers, end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program, ban Muslim immigrants, end guest worker programs, and create a Muslim registry; and

Whereas after the election Trump and his supporters have continued to spout racism, nationalism, and bigotry, leading to an upsurge in hate crimes in our nation; and

Whereas in the same vein we also have seen Trump attack union leaders and other grassroots activists; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that we refuse to become divided, committing ourselves instead to building a wall of resistance to Trump’s racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-semitism along with other attacks he’s promised against working people; and be it further

Resolved, that we affirm our support for comprehensive immigration reform, which includes a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S., and provides equal protection and increased enforcement of labor rights for all workers, including the right to organize; and be it further

Resolved, we will stand beside and take action with immigrant students and young workers under threat of losing the protective immigration status and work permits currently provided by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program; and be it further

Resolved, that we will reject and work to stop all attempts by the Trump Administration to create a Muslim registry or resume the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, that targeted immigrant men from majority Muslim countries; and be it further

Resolved, that we will reject any effort to limit or eliminate changes to visa and work authorization programs that enable international students and scholars to gain work opportunities in the U.S.; and be it finally

Resolved, that we will unite with other groups in our community to defend the rights of our immigrant brothers, sisters, and friends by supporting local solidarity actions, sanctuary movements, and local and state legislative efforts to defend the rights of immigrants.

Resolution In Support of AFSCME Local 2084 (CASA)
January 4, 2017

Whereas employees in the King County Superior Court, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program are represented by Washington State Council of County and City Employees, AFSCME, Council 2 and members of Local 2084;

Whereas CASA attorneys, CASA Supervisors and Guardians ad Litem advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children, our most vulnerable citizens of King County. The work group of 16 attorneys and social workers is almost all female.  In 2009, after careful consideration, these hard working, dedicated professionals exercised their legal right to unite and request recognition as a bargaining group;  

Whereas in 2015, the Court excluded CASA staff and other unionized employees from a class compensation study.  The Court Administration raised the salaries of most non-represented staff including managers, excluding union members, late in 2015.  Court management advised members of Local 2084 CASA that raises were prohibited by union contracts. However, nothing in the union contracts prohibit agreements to raise employee salaries and maintain fairness;  

Whereas the Court and the County did not work with the Union proactively to correct the inequity and, during bargaining, refused to stop penalizing union members and restore equity;

Whereas CASA Supervisors and the Family Court Services social workers have long received equal pay and benefits, having been seen and described by management as equivalent positions. Nevertheless, the Court gave raises only to non-represented staff, deliberately disadvantaging the CASA staff due only to their represented status;

Whereas inequities hurt everyone. Both the Superior Court and the County Executive should avoid the perception of penalizing employees for engaging in unionizing. A Court, in particular, should never retaliate against staff for exercising their legal rights. Neither should the Court and County exacerbate pay inequities between women and men, or value the employees serving the most vulnerable less than employees serving other populations. Instead, the County and Court should be leaders in the promotion of fairness and inclusion; now, therefore, be it

Resolved that the Martin Luther King County Labor Council calls upon the King County Executive, the King County Superior Court Chief Judge, and the Superior Court Chief Administrative Officer, to immediately rectify this situation and do what is just and fair for these employees, including compensating them for lost wages in 2016 and promising not to do the same thing again; and be it further

Resolved that we implore all other Labor Brothers and Sisters to be aware of this injustice and to help us herald a new wave of solidarity as may be needed if this employer fails to provide equity in this circumstance in the near future.

Resolution in support of AFT Seattle Community Colleges Local 1789
Faculty of the Seattle Colleges District

Adopted 12/7/16

WHEREAS, AFT Seattle Local 1789 represents more than 1000 faculty, and has been in bargaining since March 2016; and

WHEREAS, the state of Washington has disinvested in Higher Education, changed the funding model for the state’s two-year community and technical colleges in a way that disadvantages our district, and allowed a one-time opportunity for the faculty unions to bargain local funds in lieu of finding the needed state funds to address salaries; and

WHEREAS, salaries, cost of living adjustments, and increments have not kept pace with the rising cost of living in Seattle, forcing even full-time tenured faculty to leave our district while making it more difficult to attract new hires; and

WHEREAS, AFT Seattle is asking the Seattle Colleges District to prioritize faculty and instruction in their budget plans for the immediate future; and

WHEREAS, in relation to a recent partial-day walkout, the administration released misleading information to the press about their offer to improve salaries in this round of negotiations, greatly exaggerating the amount by including a COLA we have already received and possible future money from the state of Washington that we cannot bargain unless it becomes a reality; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Martin Luther King County Labor Council (MLKCLC) write a letter of support for AFT Seattle to the chancellor and Board of Trustees of the Seattle Colleges District; and, be it further

RESOLVED, that affiliates of the MLKCLC are also requested to write letters of support; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Seattle Colleges District is urged to retract the information released to the press and issue a public apology to the faculty of AFT Seattle Local 1789; and, be it finally

RESOLVED, that the Seattle Colleges District commit to both short-term and long-term improvement in the salaries and working conditions for all of the faculty in the District.

Resolution Regarding the Sale of Civic Square to Bosa Development

Adopted 11/2/16

WHEREAS sales of City of Seattle owned property should require Developers to pay prevailing wage and include apprenticeship utilization requirements; and

WHEREAS the City of Seattle passed a Local Hire Ordinance giving community members access to careers in the Building Trades; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that M.L. King County Labor Council opposes the sale of the Civic Square to Bosa Development, unless the project is required to comply with the conditions of the City of Seattle Local Hire Ordinance; and be it further

RESOLVED that the sale of all City of Seattle owned property should be like wise encumbered. 

Resolution Regarding the Criminal Prosecution of the Owner of Alki Construction

Adopted 11/2/16

WHEREAS Harold Felton was killed in a trench collapse that his employer willfully failed to take the necessary precautions to prevent; and

WHEREAS over 390,000 workers have died from preventable workplace incidents since OSHA was created; and

WHEREAS OSHA and Labor and Industries fines and other penalties are insufficient to make employers follow their regulations; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that MLKCLC will sign onto a letter addressed to King County Prosecuting Attorney, Dan Satterberg; and, be it further

RESOLVED that MLKCLC will encourage its Executive Board and members to sign onto the letter as individuals.

Resolution in Support of AFSCME Local 1857 Page Unit

Adopted 11/2/16

WHEREAS the employees in the King County Library System (KCLS) are represented by Washington State Council of County and City Employees, AFSCME Council 2; and

WHEREAS the Union and KCLS have been engaged in contract negotiations since February of 2016 without reaching agreement; and

WHEREAS KCLS has prolonged negotiations by resisting efforts to set consistent negotiation dates; and

WHEREAS KCLS intentionally limits the number of hours Pages may work in order to avoid paying benefits; and

WHEREAS KCLS further restricted the number of hours that Pages may work in response to Affordable Care Act requirements regarding benefits; and

WHEREAS only 6 of 355 Pages have 20 hour benefited positions; and

WHEREAS the remaining Pages make between $365 to $877 a month, depending on their salary step and number of hours; and

WHEREAS the most a non-benefited Page could make in one month without going over the hour-limits for non-benefited positions would be $946; and

WHEREAS the Union conducted a survey that revealed that 81% of the Pages are interested in a 20-hour benefited position, 61% anticipate staying with KCLS for the next 3-5 years, 58% have a bachelor’s degree, and 34% work another job in addition to being a KCLS Page; and

WHEREAS KCLS Pages are as dedicated to their work as all other KCLS employees and deserve an opportunity to have medical and retirement benefits; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the M.L. King County Labor Council support the efforts of the Local 1857 Page Unit to secure a fair contract; and be it further

RESOLVED that the M.L. King County Labor Council urge KCLS to create additional benefited positions in the Page Unit.

Resolution in Support of AFSCME Local 1857 Main Unit

Adopted 11/2/16

WHEREAS the employees in the King County Library System (KCLS) are represented by Washington State Council of County and City Employees, AFSCME Council 2; and

 WHEREAS the Union and KCLS have been engaged in contract negotiations since November of 2015 without reaching agreement; and

WHEREAS KCLS has prolonged negotiation by resisting efforts to set consistent negotiation dates; and

WHEREAS KCLS refuses to agree to retroactive pay for 2016; and

WHEREAS KCLS insists that the Union waive its right to bargain medical benefits and proposed language that allowed KCLS to change medical benefits at will; and

WHEREAS the Union recommended a no-to-ratification vote when the membership voted on KCLS’s last, best and final offer; and

WHEREAS KCLS communicated with the membership via the employer’s email during the contract vote, mischaracterized the extent to which the parties were in agreement, and suggested the Union was not forthcoming with its members; and

WHEREAS KCLS’s email communication also used intimidating and misleading language to coerce the membership to ratify their proposal; and

WHEREAS the Union voted the contract proposal down with a 76% rejection rate; and

WHEREAS KCLS is unilaterally implementing benefit plan changes that were not bargained and agreed to; and

WHEREAS the Union alleges that KCLS has committed Unfair Labor Practices such as interference, intimidation, and coercion; and

WHEREAS the Union has sought the mediation services of Washington State Public Employee Relations Commission for all three of their contracts with KCLS; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the M.L. King County Labor Council support the efforts of WSCCCE Local 1857 Main Unit to secure a fair contract; and be it further

RESOLVED that the M.L. King County Labor Council urge KCLS to commit to immediate scheduling of mediation dates with the aim of reaching a contract agreement by the end of December, 2016.

Resolution Calling for L&I to Issue a Standard Holding CEOs Responsible for Safe Workplaces

Adopted 9/7/16

Whereas last year 50,000 workers were killed in US workplaces; and

Whereas since OSHA was created in 1970, 390,000 workers died on the job and all their employers have spent just a total of 8 years and 4 months behind bars for killing them; and

Whereas none of the employers in the state of Washington who killed 84 of their workers (not counting the numerous deaths from occupational diseases) are expected to have criminal charges filed against them which could result in jail time; and

Whereas almost no one is ever held individually responsible for a workers’ deaths; and

Whereas L&I could use the requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley Act which holds CEOs accountable for financial honesty as a model for holding CEOs accountable for safe workplaces. Therefore be it

Resolved that L&I should write a new standard that would require each employer’s principal officer set up an internal program to track and report on the employer’s safety program to comply with L&I’s safety and health regulations; and be it further

Resolved that the new standard must require each employer’s principal officer certify quarterly that the officer has reviewed the report and that it fully and fairly presents the condition of the employer’s safety program to comply with L&I’s safety and health regulations and lists any deficiencies in the program; and be it further

Resolved that these reports must be made available to L&I, the employer’s employees and their representatives.

Resolution to the WA State Labor Council Convention on Paid Family Leave

Adopted 7/6/16

Whereas children are the treasure of our community and studies prove that kids whose parents have paid parental leave at their jobs do better; and

Whereas our elders have lived long lives in service to our economy, our community, and must have dignity, care and closeness to their loved ones as they age; and

Whereas serious illness can cast a shadow on any worker, or family, and the time to care for a loved one is necessary to overcome or cope with such a tragedy; and

Whereas our nation lags the world in providing Paid Family Leave benefits to workers; therefore be it

Resolved that the WA State Labor Council support the statewide fight for Paid Family Leave for parents and workers who are caring for loved ones; and be it further

Resolved that the WSLC engage with Central Labor Councils as they work to get Paid Family Leave enacted in Cities or Counties.

Resolution to the WA State Labor Council Convention on Fair Scheduling

Adopted 7/6/16

Whereas hundreds of thousands of workers in the retail and food service industries, and at other jobs, have been forced to live in uncertainty as to what their hours will be and when they will be notified of their schedules; and

Whereas workers are often required to work the late shift and then turn around and work the morning shift without a safe amount of rest; and

Whereas part-time work has increased and forced more workers to hold two or three jobs and be deprived of healthcare, retirement and other benefits; therefore be it

Resolved that the WA State Labor Council support the fight for Fair Scheduling policy including a minimum of two weeks notice of the work schedule, 11 hours of rest between shifts, and access to more hours before a company hires more part-time help; and be it further

Resolved that the WSLC engage with Central Labor Councils as they work to get Secure Scheduling enacted in Cities or Counties.

Resolution to WA State Labor Council Convention on Sound Transit 3

Adopted 7/6/16

Whereas the Greater Puget Sound Region’s traffic is the sixth worst in the country, the average driver losing 66 hours of his or her life each year due to gridlock; and

Whereas relief from gridlock will get major help from the bold Sound Transit 3 plan (ST3) announced by Sound Transit, to go before the voters of King, Snohomish and Pierce counties this November; and

Whereas ST3 will greatly expand mass transit in the Puget Sound region adding 62 miles of light rail, commuter rail, and bus rapid transit, to the existing Sound Transit System and upon completion of ST3 we will have 116 miles of light rail — about the size Washington, D.C.’s Metro System — extending from Tacoma in the South, West Seattle and Ballard to the West, Issaquah and Redmond to the East, and Everett to the North; and

Whereas ST3 will be a $54 billion infrastructure project creating about 50 million labor hours providing many tens of thousands of building and construction jobs and great opportunities for local hire and for new, young apprentices to join the trades and few years into the project and ST-3 will account for over 1 in 10 construction jobs through both good and bad economic cycles; and

Whereas the wages from these jobs will be spent locally giving an economic boost to businesses in the region and bringing much needed tax revenue into state and local governments; therefore be it

Resolved that the WA State Labor Council support the Mass Transit Now campaign to pass ST3 this November; and be it further

Resolved that the WSLC engage with affiliated unions and community partners to endorse Mass Transit Now and pass ST3. 

Resolution Supporting Fair Pay for Musicians Whose Product is Played on AM/FM radio – 4/20/16
WHEREAS musicians and other performers deserve fair compensation for the product of their work, as all workers do; and,
WHEREAS for 80 years, radio stations in the United States have played hit songs over the public airwaves and made billions in advertising revenues without paying musicians, artists or performers; and,
WHEREAS the United States stands with North Korea, Iran, China and Rwanda as one of only a handful of countries in which musicians are not compensated for airplay of their music; and,
WHEREAS internet radio does pay musicians for their work product, providing an uneven playing field in which some technologies are favored over others; and,
WHEREAS other inequities exist in the industry, including some digital services refusing to pay artists for any music recorded before 1972, and lower rates for satellite radio than for internet radio; and,
WHEREAS the failure of US radio to pay musicians has meant that radio in other parts of the world refuse to pay US musicians royalties, as they do for all others, as a result of the lack of reciprocity, leading to a loss of over $100 million a year to the US economy; and,
WHEREAS HR 1733, the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, would resolve these issues, ensuring that musicians, artists and performers get fair pay for airplay of all of their music on all radio platforms; and,
WHEREAS the Fair Play Fair Pay Act is supported by a broad array of organizations representing musicians and performers, including the AFM, SAG-AFTRA and the AFL-CIO; therefore be it
RESOLVED that MLKCLC endorses HR 1733; and, be it further
RESOLVED that the MLKCLC will communicate our support to our representatives in both houses of Congress, urging their support, and specifically asking Rep. Suzan DelBene to co-sponsor HR 1733 and Sen. Maria Cantwell to be a co-sponsor of a companion Senate bill; and, be it finally
RESOLVED that this resolution will be forwarded to the washington State Labor Council, and to MLKCLC affiliates, urging that they take similar action.

Resolution Supporting  the Federal Railroad Administration Crew Size Rule – 4/20/16
WHEREAS the safe operation of freight and passenger trains are vital to commerce and the Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council (MLKCLC) supports efforts to keep train operations in King County and Washington State safe.
WHEREAS the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has published a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) to establish minimum train crew staffing, a factor we believe is vital to ensuring safe train operations; and
WHEREAS polling across America where trains operate shows overwhelming bi-partisan support for minimum two-person crews, with 83 to 87 percent of those polled in favor of mandating all trains be operated by no less than two qualified persons; and
WHEREAS national studies show that a minimum of two “on-board” crew members is vital to safely operate a train and minimize the likelihood of train-related accidents; and
WHEREAS nearly all trains in North America are already operated by at least a two person train crew making any negative economic impact of this proposed rule minimal; and
WHEREAS the FRA agrees, while advancements in automated technology such as Positive Train Control (PTC) systems improve railroad safety, they are not a substitute for a train’s on-board crew members; so therefore be it
RESOLVED that MLKCLC does hereby support the FRA’s proposed minimum train crew staffing rule, requiring that trains operated in the United States of America be operated by no less than a two-person crew, while urging the FRA to insure that individual states are NOT preempted by this new regulation from enacting additional legislation requiring additional crew members on board trains hauling dangerous cargos, i.e., crude oil, propane, etc., within their boundaries; and be it further
RESOLVED that this resoltuion be filed with the United States Department of Transportation in the form of comments in support of the proposed federal rule. 

Resolution Calling on L&I to Increase Its Citation Period for Repeat Violations from Three to Five Years – 4/20/16
WHEREAS the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) is required to maintain, continue, and enhance the industrial safety and health program of the state, which program shall equal or exceed the standards prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970 (Public Law 91-596, 84 Stat. 1590); and
WHEREAS L&I’s program is not meeting the “equal or exceed” standard that is prescribed by OSHA in Repeated Violation Penalty Calculations; and
WHEREAS these penalties are the only thing insuring employers follow the laws which protect the working people of Washington; and
WHEREAS OSHA requires inspectors to consider repeat violations of employers who have been cited one or more times previously for a substantially similar hazard, and the prior citation has become a final order within a FIVE year time limitation; and
WHEREAS L&I only requires three years; and
WHEREAS this allows unsafe employers to skirt the tough enforcement of the law that we, the working people, fought so hard for; therefore be it 

WHEREAS for the MLKCLC to forward this resolution to the Washington State Labor Council for immediate action to have RCW 49.17.190(1) written to the required standard of 5 years and not 3, as required by RCW 49.17.010 and 29 usc§ 667. 

Resolution Supporting Public Service Recogniton Week, May 1st - May 7th, 2016 – 4/20/16
WHEREAS Americans are served every single day by public servants at the federal, state, county and city levels.  These unsung heroes do the work that keeps our nation working; and
WHEREAS public employees take not only jobs, but oaths; and
WHEREAS many public servants, including military personnel, police officers, firefighters, border patrol officers, embassy employees, health care professionals and others, risk their lives each day in service to the people of the United States and around the world; and
WHEREAS public servants include teachers, bus drivers, homecare workers, laborers, computer technicians, social workers and countless other occupations.  Day in and day out they provide the diverse services demanded by the American people of their government with efficiency and integrity; and
WHEREAS without these public servants at every level, continuity would be impossible in a democracy that regularly changes its leaders and elected officials; therefore, be it
RESOLVED that the MLKCLC publicly affirms that May 1st - May 7th is Public Service Recognition Week; and be it further
RESOLVED that MLKCLC encourages all citizens to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of government employees at all levels – federal, state, county and city. 

Resolution Creating the “Nancy Rising Labor and Political Activist Award” – 4/6/16
WHEREAS Nancy Rising has a decades long history of activism by “showing up” in person to support Labor and Social Justice issues; and
WHEREAS Nancy Rising has a decades long history of political involvement dating back to her work for Senator Warren Magnusson; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED that MLKCLC create an honorary award to recognize the long standing service by members of our community such as Nancy Rising has exhibited; and, be it further
RESOLVED that this award be named the “Nancy Rising Labor and Political Activist” award; and, be it finally RESOLVED, that Nancy Rising be the first recipient of said award.

Resolution Opposing Transgender Exclusion Initiatives – 3/16/16
WHEREAS on January 20, 2016 MLKCLC adopted a resolution opposing legislation intended to deprive Transgender Washingtonians of their right to use gender-appropriate restrooms; and
WHEREAS after that legislation was rejected by the Washington State Senate, right-wing anti-LGBT organizations and their Republican allies filed five ballot initiatives to exclude Transgender people from gender-appropriate restrooms; and
WHEREAS if any of these initiatives make it to the November ballot and are passed by voters, they will deprive Transgender Washingtonians of basic rights, dignity, and privacy; and
WHEREAS such initiatives violate state and federal laws protecting people from discrimination on the basis of sex or gender identity; and
WHEREAS enforcement of Transgender exclusion laws would deprive Transgender union members of fair and equal treatment in their workplaces; and
WHEREAS such laws would require union members who are employees of Washington schools and other public facilities to be complicit in illegal and unjust discrimination against Transgender individuals; and
WHEREAS such laws would not be enforceable without gross violations of privacy and common decency; and
WHEREAS the right-wing forces backing these initiatives hope to use Transgender rights as a wedge issue to mobilize their political base and win control of the state government, after which they will pass “right to work” laws, defund public schools, roll back civil rights protections for the LGBT community, and reverse decades of social progress; therefore be it
RESOLVED that MLKCLC opposes any and all initiatives that would deprive Transgender people of their right to use gender-appropriate facilities, including I-1504, I-1505, I-1506, I-1507, and I-1508; and be it further
RESOLVED that MLKCLC will call on WSLC to prioritize opposition to these initiatives; and be it finally
RESOLVED that MLKCLC will call on the Seattle City Council to pass a resolution opposing these initiatives.

Resolution in Support of First IATSE Local 15 Contract for Rhino NW Riggers - 3/16/16
WHEREAS the concert business is a multibillion dollar industry with attendees in the tens of thousands at numerous events in many venues; and
WHEREAS this industry has become incredibly profitable by utilizing publicly- funded facilities and anti-union labor providers; and
WHEREAS the workers employed for the set-up, operation, and take down of these events are at-will employees without secure employment beyond a single show or shift, and often paid near-minimum wage without benefits; and
WHEREAS riggers for Rhino NW won a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election and the right to be represented by the IATSE Local 15; and
WHEREAS Rhino NW has refused to recognize or negotiate with these workers and has appealed the NLRB decision at regional and national levels; and
WHEREAS the NLRB upheld the certification of the election; and
WHEREAS Rhino NW has taken this matter to appellate court in an attempt to overturn this decision; and
WHEREAS IATSE Local 15 continues to work to bring Rhino NW to the negotiating table; and
WHEREAS Rhino NW has also begun hiring and training new rigging personnel to replace the workers who voted in the union election; and
WHEREAS the increased use of inexperienced workers creates undue risk to the safety of performers as well as the public; therefore, be it
RESOLVED that the M. L. King County Labor Council (MLKCLC) supports the Rhino NW riggers as they attempt to negotiate with Rhino NW for a fair first contract; and be it further
RESOLVED that the MLKCLC forward this resolution to the Washington State Labor Council.

Resolution to Remove Uber’s David Plouffe from Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign – 3/16/16
WHEREAS hard working men and women deserve dignity and to be treated fairly under the law. Uber’s treatment of their drivers is scandalous with sub-minimum wage pay, targeted discipline of drivers who speak out and an unwillingness to follow Seattle’s transportation laws; and
WHEREAS Teamsters 117 is organizing Uber drivers in Seattle and was instrumental, with the help of the Martin Luther King County Labor Council (MLKCLC), in passing groundbreaking legislation to allow independent contractors the right to collectively bargain; and
WHEREAS David Plouffe, a prominent Democrat who is working on behalf of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, is employed by Uber as their Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy; and
WHEREAS days before the historic City Council vote, Plouffe came to Seattle and made public statements to the effect that Uber drivers do not need a Union in terminology usually reserved for union-busters; and
WHEREAS Uber is using the Chamber of Commerce to sue the City of Seattle, costing tax payer dollars that could be spent on safety or housing; and
WHEREAS Secretary Clinton is tremendously respected by our Council and Plouffe’s presence on her campaign is not just a detriment to union organizing and the City of Seattle but to Secretary Clinton’s presidential campaign; and
WHEREAS some affiliates of the MLKCLC are questioning the Democratic Party’s commitment to core labor union principals, and are reviewing their commitments to election year activities; therefore, be it
RESOLVED we are left with no choice but to request that Secretary Hillary Clinton distance her campaign from David Plouffe; and be it further
RESOLVED that both candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination affirm the right of workers to collectively bargain and publicly affirm their support for Uber drivers’ organizing effort and the Seattle collective bargaining ordinance that they fought for and won.
Resolution in Support of the “Tu Voto, Tu Voz” (Your Vote, Your Voice) Campaign – 3/16/16
WHEREAS more than 9% of King County residents, 12% of Washington State residents, and almost 17% of residents of the United States identify as Latino or Latina; and represent the fastest-growing demographic segment of the US population; and
WHEREAS the political inclusion of Latino working families in federal, state, and local elections is essential to their empowerment through political, social, and economic advancement; and
WHEREAS our democracy benefits when all eligible voters are engaged in the political process; and
WHEREAS, without a concerted effort to increase political participation, the Latino electorate may remain a “sleeping giant”; and in 2015, Washington state marked a year of record low voter turnout, under 40%; and
WHEREAS MLKCLC stands with local Latino community-based organizations in encouraging participation of Latinos and other workers of color in the political process; and
WHEREAS MLKCLC supports the protection of voting rights and opposes any legislation that is detrimental to the registration and turnout of Latinos and other voters of color; therefore, be it
RESOLVED that MLKCLC endorses the ¡Tu Voto, Tu Voz! (Your Vote, Your Voice!) campaign; and be it finally
RESOLVED that the MLKCLC will fully engage the Latino community in the following ways and as the opportunity arises, 1) Conduct voter registration in partnership with Latino community-based organizations 2) Conduct ongoing civic education in partnership with Latino community-based organizations; 3) Conduct Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns during elections in partnership with Latino community-based organizations.
Resolution Supporting a Mobilization for the May Day March and Rally - 2/17/16
WHEREAS We stand united with all workers, with immigrants and refugees, for gender equality and climate justice, for building power in our movement and for lifting up our communities and our families; and
WHEREAS our right-wing extremist enemies, such as the Freedom Foundation, are united in their attacks on immigrants, unions, women's rights, environmentalism and the LGBTQ community; and
WHEREAS  the Friedrichs case, now before the Supreme Court, which is being funded by right wing extremists, represents a direct attack on public sector unions that could both devastate working families across our nation and defund a multitude of progressive efforts to protect our communities; and therefore be it
RESOLVED that the Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council contact all its member affiliates to help set goals for turning out their membership for the rally and demonstration on May 1st, 2016- May Day, and be it further
RESOLVED that the MLKCLC and its member affiliates work with the traditional May Day events and El Comite to build the biggest and broadest demonstration possible, highlighting the importance of Unions to working people.

Resolution Urging the City of Seattle to Reconsider Banking with Wells Fargo - 2/17/16
WHEREAS Wells Fargo Executive Vice President Jeffrey Grubb is also a Trustee of the Vancouver, Washington-based Murdock Charitable Trust; and
WHEREAS under the direction of Mr. Grubb, the Murdock Trust provides funding for Focus on the Family and the Alliance Defending Freedom, organizations whose co-founder James Dobson has suggested that AIDS is one that way God punishes the LGBTQ community for immorality and has supported gay conversion therapy; and
WHEREAS under the direction of Mr. Grubb, the Murdock Trust provides funding for The Portland Fellowship, which has provided the harmful and discredited practice of gay conversion therapy; and
WHEREAS under the direction of Mr. Grubb, the Murdock Trust provides funding for several so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” throughout the Pacific Northwest that pose as legitimate medical or counseling clinics, but exist to prevent women from accessing abortion services; and
WHEREAS under the direction of Mr. Grubb, the Murdock Trust provides funding for the Olympia-based Freedom Foundation, which is leading the charge against an increased minimum wage, against paid sick days, and against workers’ right to organize; and
WHEREAS the City Attorney of Los Angeles alleges that Wells Fargo has “victimized consumers by opening customer accounts, and issuing credit cards, without authorization --  then failing to inform customers of the alleged misuse of their personal information or refund fees for unwanted services”; and
WHEREAS Wells Fargo has been repeatedly rebuked in court cases involving home foreclosure where it has been called out by judges for its “outrageous and reprehensible” decisions and its “deceptive and intentional conduct”; and
WHEREAS the City of Seattle conducts its banking through Wells Fargo, and as a large municipality, the City of Seattle has access and bargaining power to obtain better terms from less controversial financial institutions and credit unions; therefore, be it
RESOLVED that the Martin Luther King County Central Labor Council sign on to a letter urging the Seattle City Council and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to reexamine their banking relationship with Wells Fargo.

Resolution Supporting Climate Discussion events - 2/17/16
WHEREAS Delegates to the 2015 Washington State Labor Council Constitutional Convention passed Resolution #28 – Climate and Jobs – which puts the labor movement in Washington on record as supporting “Washington State’s 2008 science based carbon emission reduction goals…in order to do our part to lower carbon emissions and to reverse climate change while adhering to the principles of this resolution;” and
WHEREAS The principles of resolution #28 include “using an equity lens to evaluate carbon policies, reinvesting carbon revenues in ways that protect and support workers and vulnerable populations, investing in repairing our infrastructure and building the renewable energy economy, using domestic content whenever available, creating an economic and environmental justice board, and providing a truly “Just Transition;” and 
WHEREAS these principles are best developed and realized through discussion with union members about labor and climate change, to ensure that the needs and interests of working people are prioritized in developing policy initiatives; and 
WHEREAS the Martin Luther King County Labor Council can play a role in facilitating these conversations and planning sessions about climate change and the labor movement; and 
WHEREAS some affiliates of the MLKCLC – including Teamsters Local 117, UAW Local 4121, and Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action – have co-sponsored two discussion events to bring union members together, per the following schedule:
Dinner and a movie 
Thursday, March 3, 2016 
6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. 
UFCW 21, 5030 1st Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98134
Brown bag lunch
Friday, March 4, 2016, 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.,
Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, 321 16th Ave. S., Seattle 98144; and
WHEREAS the event will include a screening of the film “This Changes Everything” by Naomi Klein and will include a discussion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, “Just Transition” and investment in infrastructure; therefore, be it
RESOLVED that the Martin Luther King County Labor Council will co-sponsor these discussions and encourage affiliates to attend. 

Resolution Supporting predictable work schedules - 2/17/16
WHEREAS large employers in coffee, fast food, retail, and other industries are increasingly demanding workers offer them 24/7 availability, but in return are only offering workers unstable, unpredictable schedules which vary wildly from one week to the next; 
WHEREAS the modern scheduling software that lets big chains predict consumer demand better than ever, and farther in advance than ever before, can also be used to provide secure schedules; and
WHEREAS ensuring workers know when they're going to work and how many hours they're going to get will offer the stability and flexibility they need to care for their families, contribute to their communities, and live balanced lives; therefore, be it
RESOLVED for MLKCLC to support secure scheduling legislation which ensures workers have adequate notice of their work schedules, a right to rest, and access to hours.

Resolution Calling for Continued Support for Washington Filmworks -2/3/16
WHEREAS Washington State continues to look to grow revenue and create jobs for Washington resident workers; and
WHEREAS leaders of both the executive and legislative branches have indicated an intention to intensively review all government programs to determine their economic sustainability; and
WHEREAS past experience has shown a glaring lack of public understanding of the Washington Filmworks program which supports the production of television, commercial and motion picture projects; and
WHEREAS Washington Filmworks has attracted over 101 projects to the State that have had over $243 million of economic impact statewide; and
WHEREAS Washington Filmworks' projects have created 14,500 union and family wage jobs that provide health and retirement benefits for the state's actors, technical support workers, and production support businesses; and
WHEREAS Washington Filmworks committed all $3.5 million in available funds by January, 2016, and no longer has funds available to commit to deserving productions that provide employment of thousands of workers; and
WHEREAS more than 38 states currently provide similar and even greater financial support for film and video productions; and
WHEREAS there is a rich body of evidence that proves the effectiveness of production incentives in the creation of non-polluting, well paid, sustainable work; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED that the Martin Luther King County Labor Council, AFL-CIO, recommends to the Washington State Labor Council to continue to support legislation ensuring that the State commit to funding Washington Filmworks at a level that increases the competitiveness of Washington State's motion picture industry and ensures job creation and economic development opportunities across the state.

Resolution Supporting the Cornish College Dance Musicians - 1/20/16
WHEREAS Dance Musicians employed at Cornish College have enjoyed the rights and benefits set forth in a collective bargaining agreement between the college and Musicians Association of Seattle for the past twelve years;
WHEREAS the union is attempting to negotiate a successive contract and the contract has been open since August 2015; 
WHEREAS Management proposes to take away the musicians health insurance which they have had for the past 12 years and refuses a cost of living wage increase;
WHEREAS the union is asking for a 3.5% wage increase per year for 3 years which is $9500 in new money for all the seven Dance Musicians combined;
WHEREAS management has refused every union proposal so far; 
WHEREAS in 2014 Cornish College’s revenue was $32 million and management proposes to balance their budgets at the expense of Dance Musicians who make up .034% of its payroll. Therefore, be it
RESOLVED that the MLK Labor Council support the Dance Musicians by contacting the following Cornish Management and ask them to support a fair contract for happy and healthy Dance musicians: moira Scott-Payne, Provost,; Nancy Uscher, President,; Jeff Riddell, CFO,; and be it further
RESOLVED that the MLK Labor Council will forward this resolution to affiliates and Washington State Labor Council.

Resolution Supporting the February Seattle Public Schools Levies - 1/20/16
WHEREAS a substantial portion of the cost of operating the school district comes from city levies; and,
WHEREAS the lion’s share of funding for capital construction projects to build new schools, to remodel old ones, to start to relieve overcrowded classrooms, and to create better learning conditions for our students comes from city levies; and 
WHEREAS the only reliable source for funds for district facilities maintenance backlogs comes from city levies; and
WHEREAS this levy campaign is not for a new levy, but to renew the existing levy authority; therefore, be it
RESOLVED, that the Martin Luther King County Labor Council endorses the Schools First Seattle school levy and bond measures.

Resolution Opposing HB 2589, the “Bathroom Bill" - 1/20/16
WHEREAS, the US Department of Education ruled in April 2014 that “Title IX’s sex discrimination prohibition extends to claims of discrimination based on gender identity or failure to conform to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity,” and
WHEREAS, the Washington State Law Against Discrimination (RCW 49.60) guarantees to transgender residents “the right to the full enjoyment of any of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, or privileges of any place of public resort, accommodation, assemblage, or amusement,” and
WHEREAS, the Washington state Human Rights Commission has adopted nondiscrimination rules in compliance with state and federal law, and
WHEREAS, transgender individuals are therefore entitled to use restrooms and other facilities appropriate to their self-identified gender, and
WHEREAS, the Martin Luther King County Labor Council and the Washington State Labor Council have long supported equal rights for transgender individuals, and
WHEREAS, HB 2589 would deprive transgender individuals of their rights to use appropriate restroom and locker room facilities in contravention of federal and state law, and the policies of the MLKCLC and WSLC, and
WHEREAS, HB 2589 would not be enforceable without gross violations of privacy and common decency, and
WHEREAS, HB 2589 would require union members who are employees of Washington schools and other public facilities to be complicit in illegal and unjust discrimination against transgender individuals, therefore be it
RESOLVED, that the MLKCLC will recommend to the WSLC that it oppose HB 2589, and be it further
RESOLVED, that contingent on action by WSLC, MLKCLC will communicate this position to its affiliates and urge them to take similar action. 

Resolution Supporting the University of Washington Faculty Forward Campaign - 1/6/16
WHEREAS 70% of University of Washington (UW) faculty are part-time, temporary or must raise their own salaries through research grants, which are increasingly difficult to obtain; and
WHEREAS many UW departments face challenges in recruiting and retaining top-tier faculty due to uncompetitive salaries compared to peer research universities. The average across-the-board UW faculty salary would need to increase almost 12% to reach parity with peer institutions. The average full UW professor salary would need to increase 16%; and
WHEREAS the UW is experiencing growing corporate influence, with eight of ten members of the UW Board of Regents coming from industry and finance, while worker, student, faculty voices are diminished; and
WHEREAS these trends, combined with collapsing state funding and skyrocketing student tuition and loan debt, are undermining the broad-based conditions for continued academic excellence by UW students and faculty; and
WHEREAS UW faculty have decided to unite in the face of these very real threats to the University by launching a union organizing campaign with SEIU Local 925, called UW Faculty Forward; and
WHEREAS the UW administration has responded by sending faculty anti-union emails, launching an anti-union website and hiring an anti-union consultant to fight their union campaign; therefore, be it
RESOLVED that the M.L. King County Labor Council supports the UW Faculty Forward campaign and calls on the UW administration to be neutral on the question of faculty unionization. 

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