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Committee on Political Education
Updated On: Nov 21, 2016
COPE (Committee on Political Education):
The Committee on Political Education consists of officers and members of the MLKCLC Executive Board (except those representing AFL-CIO Constituency Groups – see AFL-CIO policy below1) and individuals whom affiliated organizations have named in writing to actively participate on the COPE interview panel as a COPE representative.
COPE representatives named by affiliates need not be delegates. Other interested parties, if members in good standing of a MLKCLC-affiliated organization, may attend a COPE candidate interview as an observer for up to three interview days until credentialed by their affiliated organization as an interview panel representative. Observers may participate in post-interview discussions but may not be active participants in discussions with candidates. Click here to send us an email if you have any questions or would like more information.

1AFL-CIO policy on constituency group participation in COPE states that no AFL-CIO constituency group may be present for any meeting or proceeding concerning the endorsement of a political candidate or other partisan political activity.

Committee Members

Executive Board
Monty Anderson
Marsha Botzer
Dale Bright
Larry Brown
Joel Funfar
Michael Gonzales
Nicole Grant
Maria Harvold
Warren Johnson
Mary Keefe
Jonathan Knapp
Kenny McCormick
Todd Mitchell
Stefan Moritz
Vince O’Halloran
David Parsons
Sal Ponce
Brooks Salazar
Adrienne Thompson

COPE Representatives (by affiliate)
Bricklayers Local 2
David Sheppard
Martin Norman
CWA Local 7800
Paul Green
CWA Local 37083/WashTech
Ian Jacobson
Electrical Workers Local 46
Wendy Brown
Nicole Grant
Angela Marshall
Eric Vane
Michelle North
Keith Weir
Ted Thomas
Ben Hulsey
Chelsea Nelson
James Tosh
Electrical Workers Local 77
Walt Aho
Shaunie Wheeler
Elevator Constructors Local 19
Scott McGinty
Fire Fighters Local 27
Theresa Purtell
Kenny Stuart
Fire Fighters Local 864
Brett Bigger
Mark dos Remedios
Rick Laycock
Doug McDonald
Ryan Morgan
Craig Soucy
Steve Winter
Fire Fighters Local 1257
Thomas Sanchez
Fire Fighters Local 1747
Greg Markley
Keven Rojecki
Government Employees Local 3937
Steve Kofahl
Heat & Frost Local 7
Todd Mitchell
Iron Workers Local 86
Chris McClain
Laborers Local 440
Ben Freitag
Michelle Helmholz
James Watson
Laborers Local 1239
Ian Gordon
Bo Jeffers
Letter Carriers
Don Bennett
BJ Hansen
Jack Hayes
Richard Horner
J Kingsbury
Mark Myers
Claudia Cimini
Jeff Duncan
Greg Herz
Isaac Seidman
Steve Walker
Masters, Mates & Pilots - Offshore Div.
Don Marcus
Musicians Local 76-493
Warren Johnson
Office & Professional Employees Local 8
Benita Hyder
Shelby Mooney
Corinne Cosentino
Operating Engineers Local 286
Mike Bolling
Operating Engineers Local 302
Denny McKinney
Daren Konopaski
Marge Newgent
Betsy Shedd
Josh Swanson
Operating Engineers Local 609
Nino Cantu
Rachel Kayne
Mike McBee
Painters District Council 5
Phil Lindquist
Painters Local 300
Fernando Arevalo
Painters Local 1094
Scott Clark
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 32
Leanne Guier
Professional Aviation Safety Specialists
Daniel Fooks
Prof. & Tech. Engineers Local 2001/SPEEA
Stan Sorscher
Chelsea Orvella
Prof. & Technical Engineers Local 17
Denise Cobden
Kate Garrow
Joe McGee
Cecilia Mena
Behnaz Nelson
Vince Oliveri
Guadalupe Perez
Charles Primm
Adrienne Thompson
Shaun Van Eyk
Sailors Union of the Pacific
Vince O’Halloran
Jan Standaert
Seattle Building & Construction Trades Council
Lisa Bogardus
Seattle Education Association
Phyllis Campano
Jonathan Knapp
Marla Rasmussen
Seattle Police Officers Guild
Tom McLaughlin
Kerry Zieger
Service Employees Local 6
Matt Haney
Sheet Metal Workers Local 66
Mark Riker
Stagehands Local 15
Andrew Willhelm
David Tingley
State Employees Local 341
Dolly Adeyemi
Henrietta Armstrong
Claude Burfect
Kevin Hamel
Robert Hay
State Employees Local 1488
Keith Gillis
Teachers/AFT Local 1950
Elizabeth Hanson
Teamsters Local 117
Lily Wilson-Codega
Dustin Lambro
Teamsters Local 174
Michael Gonzales
Patty Warren
Transit/ATU Local 587
Judy Young
Linda Wells
Sara Franklin
Ray Mason
Paul Bachtel
Jeremy Une
UAW Local 4121
David Parsons
Stefan Moritz
Cindy Richardson
Sarah Warren

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