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The Stand
Noel Canning strike, Equity Rally, go left…
Tell AT&T: Keep good jobs here in America
Create your own town hall, Trumpers ‘don’t get it’…
MLKCLC hosting Leadership School at Labor Center Mar. 2-4
Let’s call out Trump administration’s big lies
Ducking you, considering Acosta, RTW fails…
Stand up, be heard at actions across state this week
Puzder withdraws; ‘great news’ for workers, says Trumka
GOP snowflakes, Boeing blitz, Braun busted, Puzder threats…
McDermott workshop March 2 in Bellingham to benefit FUJ

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2016 Endorsements
Updated On: Oct 31, 2016

2016 General Election Recommended Endorsements


Congressional District 7
Pramila Jayapal

Congressional District 9
Adam Smith

Statewide Races

Jay Inslee

Lieutenant Governor
Cyrus Habib

Insurance Commissioner
Mike Kreidler

Attorney General
Bob Ferguson

Lands Commissioner
Hilary Franz

Secretary of State
Tina Podlodowski

State Auditor
Pat McCarthy

State Treasurer
Duane Davidson

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Chris Reykdal

Supreme Court

Pos. 1
Mary Yu

Pos. 5
Barbara Madsen

Pos. 6
Charles Wiggins

Statewide Ballot Measures

YES on City of Seattle Initiative 124 (Protect hotel workers form harassment and injury)

YES on Proposition 1 (Expanding light rail/Sound Transit 3)

NO on Initiative 732 (Carbon Taxes)

YES on Initiative 735 (Repeal Citizen United)

YES on Initiative 1433 (Statewide minimum wage and paid sick leave)

YES on Initiative 1501 (Protect vulnerable individuals and in-home care givers)


King Co. District Court, Seattle Division
Pos. 1

Lisa Paglisotti

King Co. District Court, Southwest Division
Pos. 3
Laurel Gibson

King Co. Superior Court
Pos. 14

Nicole Gaines-Phelps

King Co. Superior Court

Pos. 26
David Keenan

King Co. Superior Court
Pos. 28

Johanna Bender

King Co. Superior Court
Pos. 31

Helen Halpert

King Co. Superior Court
Pos. 33

Steve Rosen

King Co. Superior Court
Pos. 43

John McHale

King Co. Superior Court
Pos. 44 (dual)

Eric Newman
Cathy Moore


King Co. Superior Court
Pos. 52 (dual)
Anthony Gipe

Kristin Richardson

King Co. Superior Court
Pos. 53

Mariane Spearman

Seattle Municipal Court
Anne Harper
Adam Eisenberg


District 1
Pos. 1

Derek Stanford
Pos. 2
Shelley Kloba

District 5
Mark Mullett
Pos. 1
Jason Ritchie
Pos. 2
Darcy Burner

District 11
Bob Hasegawa
Pos. 1
Zach Hudgins
Pos. 2
Steve Bergquist

District 30
Pos. 1
Mike Pellicciotti
Pos. 2
Kristine Reeves

District 31
Pos. 2
Lane Walthers

District 32
Pos. 1
Cindy Ryu

District 33
Pos. 1
Tina Orwall
Pos. 2
Mia Gregerson

District 34
Pos. 1
Eileen Cody
Pos. 2
Joe Fitzgibbon

District 36
Reuven Carlyle
Pos. 1
Noel Frame
Pos. 2
Gael Tarleton

District 37
Pos. 1
Sharon Tomiko Santos

District 39
Kirk Pearson
Pos. 1
Linda Wright
Pos. 2
Ronda Metcalf

District 41
Lisa Wellman
Pos. 1
Tana Senn
Pos. 2
Judy Clibborn

District 43
Pos. 1
Nicole Macri
Pos. 2
Frank Chopp

District 44
Pos. 1
John Lovick
Pos. 2
Katrina Ondracek

District 45
Pos. 1
Roger Goodman

District 46
Pos. 1
Gerry Pollet
Pos. 2
Jessyn Farrell

District 47
Pos. 1
Brooke Valentine
Pos. 2
Pat Sullivan

District 48
Pos. 1
Patricia Kuderer
Pos. 2
Joan McBride

February 22, 2017
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Unions Fear More States Will Approve RTW Laws As Similar Bill Comes to Congress
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